Godly Innovation

Innovation is only worthwhile if it’s of God.

Jeff Reed, Intro to Multi-Modal, Stadia Innovation March 2021 Meetup.

As someone who frequently says (regarding church things), “move fast and break stuff,” Jeff’s words are both encouraging and cautionary. Jeff’s words caused a visceral response in me, too.

Unblessed Sameness

“Staying in the same place, the same mode, the same way is only worthwhile if it’s of God.” Now, as I write this (and thought it) I haven’t completed (beyond the 2:45 mark) the presentation of Multi-Modal, but I’d hazard a guess that there will be something along the lines of this presented.

I love my denomination. Like any denomination (or any organization that is beyond around 2 years old), it will only move as needed (unless there is a visionary leader who can motivate others to transform the organization). I’m deeply concerned that the majority culture of the USA/Canada (region) church is stuck in its favored model.

This is beyond digital. Even physically, the USA/Canada region seems to be stuck on that singular building concept. As property becomes more expensive, and older buildings become harder to maintain, this may be the financial death knell of the region. If the church cannot break its emotional dependency upon a single model, I wonder if God will honor that.

A Question of Models

Currently, much of the Western church is asking, “how do we adapt our model [singular church building] to world?” The church building and all its activities remain at the center.

What if we asked, “what model will reach our community for Christ, and what place, if any, does this building or mode have to do with it?”

This is not to diminish the history of the building. By no means. There are many church buildings that move (emotionally) me closer to God the moment I step through their doors. I am a strong believer in the power of place. We just have to be open (myself included) to what the place is and will be to bring the light of Christ to the world.

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