Tech Glitch

Everything’s been working, and then suddenly there’s a problem. Sound familiar?

For those of us who do not do online church as profession (i.e., full-time paid), we often have to fit online in. In addition, while churches are learning about online (COVID-19 being the biggest full-blown panic instigator), they may not have all the pieces in place needed for that professional presentation we all desire to have (and compare ourselves to).

Take this past Sunday (15 March 2020). We didn’t have house sound. House sound has always been a problem for my online mix, as I’m in the house and miss a lot (no separate soundboard). The sound should have been perfect!

It wasn’t. Instead of having the perfect sound, we had this weird warble. It was awful. Really, really awful. The primary guess is that it was an input that doesn’t cause us problems that did now because there was nothing to mask it, or something else changed. There were a couple proposed items, which I will be working on.

Long way of saying, I’m not a professional. Just like a lot of other people, I’m learning along the way. I have to fit this into the rest of my life. So, it will be frustrating and heart-wrenching. That’s the reality.

If you had a great first launch…AWESOME! I’m really glad! If you didn’t, I understand completely.

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